What to do in the Gers in summer?

Que faire dans le Gers en été ?

Summer is fast approaching and we can say that the Gers has made its rurality a strength, especially in this season! Several activities are proposed to you: historical, oenological, gastronomic, religious & in the open air. 

This is why we are going to detail you the top leisure activities to do in the Gers in the summer. 

The Gers is above all a department steeped in history. It has a good number of castles, religious monuments, medieval villages...

You can visit the most beautiful villages of the Gers, stroll through their medieval streets where their old stones are steeped in history. 

  • The circular bastide of Fourcès 

  • Lavardens "voted one of the most beautiful villages in France"

  • Lupiac "the village of D'artagnan"

  • The fortified village of Larressingle 

  • La Romieu, stopover village on the way to Saint Jacques de Compostela

  • Sarrant “One of the most beautiful villages in France”

Ancient cities or villas of Antiquity are to be seen: 

  • The Gallo-Roman villa of Seviac, 

  • The Gallo-Roman city of Elusa "former ancient capital of the Gers"

In addition, for lovers of castles here is a list of the main sites to discover in the department. 

  • The medieval fortress of Larressingle (mentioned above) 

  • The castle of Lavardens 

  • The old Château Comptal de Lectoure where there is nowadays a vast offer of second-hand goods dealers! 

  • The castle of the domain of Caumont 

  • The Dungeon of Bassoues (the only survivor of the old castle) 

The Gers has many religious sites to visit, they are just waiting for you! 

  • Sainte Marie Cathedral in Auch (similar to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris) 

  • Flarant Abbey 

  • The Collegiate Church of Saint Pierre in La Romieu 

  • Sainte Marie de Boulaur Church (now inhabited by Cistercian monks)

In our department nature is OMNIPRESENT. Rural territory par excellence, the Gers focuses above all on green tourism. 

If you are a nature lover or in need of greenery… come to us, you will be the happiest. Having a good number of valleys, it is commonly called "The Gersoise Tuscany". 

With us, you can do several hikes: 

  • The Armagnac greenway from Condom 

  • The “path of the dovecotes” in Sarrant 

  • The essential Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela

For bike lovers 

  • The “véloroute” of the Baïse Valley, you will cycle along the La Baïse river 

  • The greenway from the Berges du Gers to Auch 

  • La Maison de NiNan, in the Val de L'adour, offers you the opportunity to combine a circuit on bicycles or all-terrain scooters with a tasting of Saint-Mont wines.

Here is a link to inform about the most beautiful bike rides

The most beautiful bike rides in the Gers.

We also have several parks & gardens for picnicking or walking: 

  • The Remarkable Gardens of Hillen pottery with 7 water points

  • The Sarthou palm grove, exotic & exotic 

  • The Coursiana Gardens in La Romieu are English-style gardens, very flowery 

  • Le Jardin de la Nourrice in Gimont is a space dedicated to permaculture and agroforestry.

In summer in the Gers, temperatures can quickly rise. This is why we have concocted a list of activities not far from a water point. 

  • 3-kilometre canoe trip on the Baïse with Les Canoës de Beaucaire in the village of Valence sur Baïse

There are also Leisure Bases: 

  • Gondrin amusement park 

  • Aquatic leisure base at Castera Verduzan (inflatable games and aquazone) 

  • Lake Lupiac, you can visit the D'artagnan Museum.

  • Nautical base of Saint-Clar 

The Gers is a wine region. You will find wines like the "Côtes de Gascogne" & the "Madiran" but also wines less known internationally like "the Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh".

Here are the areas practicing wine tourism: 

  • The Château Viella estate (tasting of Madiran & Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh wines.)

  • At the Château de Salles, winegrowers & Armagnac producers are introduced to the distillation of Armagnac.

We hope that you will come very soon to our department for the holidays! 

PS: A little shopping is not too much during the holidays, come and meet us at 26, Avenue d'Alsace 32000 AUCH.

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