How to dress in hot weather?

Comment s'habiller avec les fortes chaleurs ?

No question of giving up our style in the face of the high heat of the coming summer...

We show you how, with a few tips, you will be able to combine fashion and comfort in the coming months.

1- The right materials

Each season has its favorite fabrics. 
More precisely we forget all the synthetic materials, example: acrylic, polyester… The so-called natural materials are to be preferred. 
However within the natural fabrics it is necessary to make the sorting! We keep silk, linen & cotton! These are lightweight & thermoregulatory fabrics. 
“Cashmere is to winter what linen is to summer. »

2- Light colors

We are not unaware that dark colors keep the heat "in them". You will therefore have understood it to avoid as much as possible to suffer the heat, it is preferable to wear light shades. 
Each season has its own set of fashionable colors, but essentials exist such as: 
  • The White 
  • The cream 
  • beige
  • The light khaki 
  • sky blue 
  • Pale pink 
To these shades, add brighter colors or trendy prints.

3- Wide & loose cuts

To avoid being subjected to high heat, it is recommended not to wear tight-fitting & narrow clothing.
We bet: 
  • loose dresses 
  • Vaporous skirts
  • Wide blouses
  • Non-tight t-shirts 
Please note that pants are not to be avoided! It all depends on their cuts and materials (see reference section).
Likewise for our shoes, you may have swollen feet so to avoid inconvenience, take adjustable sandals instead where your feet can breathe and have enough room to position themselves.


When temperatures rise it becomes difficult to dress for work. We have concocted two easy-to-reproduce look ideas! 
The basics are the same: we pay attention to cuts, materials & colors BUT the details will make the difference! 
  • Accessories = make the outfit dressier
  • The shoes = finish the look and determine its usefulness 
  • The structure of the garment = gives a more or less strict or relaxed rendering. 

Now that you know the basics for dressing in hot weather, we hope you will have fun creating your looks! 

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