Credit card

On our shop, you can of course pay by credit card. We accept most bank cards (VISA, Mastercard, etc...). In case of payment by credit card, the total amount of the order is cashed immediately after registration. This process is also valid when the products are not all available in stock at the time of the order, and the dispatch of the latter requires a few days of waiting. We do not save your credit card details and these are encrypted using the SSL protocol before being transmitted to the relevant payment processors - guaranteeing a high level of security, for a secure purchase. Click here for more information on this.
We use the payment provider Stripe to process payments when you sign up for a Paid Service. Stripe is an online payment service provider. Payments are made via a Stripe plugin. Stripe also offers the possibility of making online payments by credit card. Stripe also offers the possibility of making payments online to third parties or receiving payments. The operating company of Stripe is Stripe, Inc., 185 Berry Street, Suite 550, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA.
If you choose "pay by credit card" as your payment option when ordering a Paid Service, the payment information will automatically be transmitted to Stripe. By selecting this payment option, you agree to the transmission of personal data necessary for payment processing. This data exchanged with Stripe is the purchase amount and your email address, which are necessary for payment processing. If necessary, Stripe will transmit this personal data to subsidiaries and service providers or subcontractors as necessary to fulfill its contractual obligations or process the order data.
You can revoke your consent to Stripe's use of your personal data at any time. This change will have no impact on the personal data that must be processed, used or transferred in accordance with (contractual) payment processing.
For more information on Stripe's data processing, please refer to Stripe's Privacy Policy at

What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure is a secure Internet payment protocol. Developed by Visa and Mastercard, it consists in ensuring, during each online payment on an international site, that the card is used by its real holder. Our system works with Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. When paying by credit card, a window then opens, asking you for a security code* which will then be checked by your bank, so that it authorizes the payment. You may have received your first 3-D Secure code by mail, at the same time as your new credit card. You can of course modify this initial code at any time, and if you do not know it or are unsure of yourself, do not hesitate to ask your bank for more information. If the 3-3 Secure system has not yet been activated on your card: you must first activate this protocol, either from the Visa or MasterCard websites, or directly on our 3-D secure website. Secure, during the ordering process. If the 3-3 Secure system has already been activated on your card, you will then be asked for the security code: more and more merchant sites offer these secure protocols during payment, in order to preserve the security of their customers' purchases. . Find more information on this subject on the following sites:
MasterCard SecureCode:

Verified by Visa: Are credit card details recorded? You can register your credit card on our site.

ATTENTION: This does not mean that we save your credit card data. These are first encrypted and then transferred to the payment service provider and your bank. They then send us a verification number, associated with your account: we only record this verification number.
This therefore means that we do not have the full details of your credit card. In addition, your card is linked to the address provided. Thus, in case of new orders to this same address, the credit card will not need to be verified again, because the verification number will already be registered. If you want to send a package to another delivery address than the one initially indicated, the credit card will have to be verified again. Otherwise, deliveries to other addresses are not possible.


If you wish to pay with PayPal, you will then be redirected to the PayPal site at the end of your order. You can login with your PayPal account credentials and confirm the payment. In a few minutes, your payment is then recorded in our system, and your order will be processed. When paying by PayPal, the total amount due will be collected immediately after the order is placed - even if some of the products ordered are not in stock, and the order is not dispatched immediately. During payment, fees may be applied by Paypal: we take care of these fees, and do not ask you to pay any additional fees.