5 tips for keeping your shoes.

5 astuces pour conserver ses chaussures.

When we invest in quality shoes we want them to last for years. This is why we forget the pyramid storage and follow our advice!

1- Protect them above all!

You have just bought a brand new pair, it is then that the first protective measures apply. It is necessary to waterproof your shoes, whether they are made of fabric or leather.

Avoid waterproofing the following materials: patent leather, smooth leather and synthetic leather.

In addition, invest in wooden tips to maintain their original shape. For smaller budgets, ask the merchants to give you the paper padding.

2- How to store them?

Shoe storage is very important if your goal is to take care of them!


Store them in a dry place with room temperature. This will prevent the appearance of mould, cracks...


The most obvious way to store your pairs away from dust is to keep them in their original box. But it is true that the boxes take up space!

Little tip: Hang rails on the back of your closet doors to save space.

There are also crates (usually plastic) that you can store under your bed, at the entrance...


Shoes all piled on top of each other is not only bad for their preservation but they waste your time every morning!
So sort them by kinds & by seasons

Now that we have given all the essential tips for keeping your beautiful shoes well, you won't waste any more time cleaning them and finding them!

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