Trendy shoes for spring-summer 2023

Les chaussures tendances du printemps-été 2023

As spring is on its way, we and the LUCIE SHOES team wanted to select the TREND SHOES FOR THIS SPRING-SUMMER 2023. On the program: color, vintage, girly and of course comfort ! So ready?


And no, it's not the same thing, the JELLYFISH are like the fisherman, that is to say that the shoe is partially closed with straps and the back is attached by two flanges with buckles in order to ensure good foot support. So where is the difference you say? It essentially lies in the material used and the structure of the shoe. We explain: the jellyfish is precisely the plastic shoe with a rather thin sole. It is or “was” used primarily for going into the water. But the FISHERMAN are made in other materials, with thicker soles or studs... they are like a revisited version of jellyfish. 


This season again, clogs are a must. However in 2023 we find them in several forms: in mules, in sandals... 
Nowadays the clog is recognizable by its wooden sole of a rather characteristic shape. Here are some examples of our most beautiful clogs : 


You are not unaware that fashion is an eternal restart (big advice: do not throw anything away, because everything comes back to fashion!) 
This year 2023 marks the return of the 70s with in particular the BABIES. 
These are shoes in the shape of ballerinas with or without a heel, with a platform or not, but ESPECIALLY with one or two straps at the level of the instep. 
We also have the return of a fashion from the sixties and invented by Coco Chanel… the SLINGBACK!
The team loves this model, it's timeless, feminine, elegant, easy to wear, in short, it's a nugget. 
For the record (all the same) the slingback is a shoe having at the back just a simple attachment of a strap with a loop passing at the level of the Achilles tendon. It can have a tip resembling a ballerina or a moccasin. 
Finally in this "vintage" category we find the KITTEN HILLS alias shoes with heels not exceeding 5 cm. Indeed this season we chose them with a vintage style that is to say closed at the end and especially with a thin strap attachment at the ankle. 


These little shoes, having only a foot support at the front, have become timeless for the summer. In 2023 we especially like them with a big square heel and a platform like this model, or flat whose inspiration for the Hermès house is beyond doubt.


Just like mules, MOCCASINS are basics in our wardrobe. Only this season we find them mainly with a retro touch (big buckle, square heel, very high tongue…) but also very colorful!


Here is a non-exhaustive list of trendy colors for this spring-summer 2023: 
  • pastel colors 
  • The pink 
  • The Orange 
  • The green 
  • White or Off White 
  • The metallic especially the silver

PS: It is quite possible that a pair of shoes combines several of these "characteristics". For example you can have a pair of kitten Hills which is also a slingback if its closure is done by a single back strap, as we can see on this pair here.

Just as PLATFORMS are very trendy this season and are found in many kinds of shoes: mules, fishermans, sandals...

Now that we have listed the IT shoes for this spring-summer 2023, all you have to do is do some shopping! Find YOUR crush because the main thing is to be good in "your sneakers" alias shoes, and not ONLY to be fashionable. Remember fashion is self-expression, find your own style!

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