Dress after 40?

S'habiller après 40 ans ?

And yes, it's always the eternal question… “Does this skirt look my age? or "Isn't that too old-fashioned or too daring for my 40s?" In short, age often gives food for thought.

We are therefore going to reveal all our Tips and advice to you so that you no longer take your head and make you stand out by the way you dress at 40!

Forget the stereotypes

"After 40 years you have to cover your arms"

Dressing at 40 is not easy, but it's up to you to choose which area of ​​the body you want to highlight or not. So if you like your arms, go for sleeveless t-shirts or blouses! In addition, the upper arms are often sources of complexes, however alternatives exist, avoiding you to cover them entirely!

– ¾ sleeves

– Batwing sleeves

– Fluid and delicate fabrics

– The V-neck, heart or square will draw the eye to your neckline and thus divert it from your arms.

"Leave the trends to the young"

This stereotype is completely absurd. Indeed a trend must speak in you, be in accordance with your style or your desires and not according to your age. So the pink trend appeals to you?! Well opt for a powder pink perfecto or blazer!

"Leather and jeans are to be banned after 40 years"

How to say...it all depends on how you wear them and not on the materials themselves. We can even tell you with certainty that leather and jeans are basic “materials” to have in your wardrobe. Here, take for example the perfecto, good well-cut jeans, a denim shirt, straight leather pants… all of these are essentials!!

"After 40 years we forget skirts, shorts and dresses"

Once again, these statements must be qualified. Indeed the shorts are not to be avoided from his wardrobe but the mini denim shorts, yes! The same goes for skirts and dresses. So pay attention above all to the cuts and lengths you choose.


It is quite possible to be sexy even after 40 years. To do this, bet on pieces made of noble materials (Ex: silk rather than polyester).

Don't forget that between sexy and vulgar there is only one step. So we go by key. For example, opt for slim leather jeans with an XXL white cotton shirt which will therefore rebalance the look. SUBTLETY is the watchword.

Adopt plunging necklines in the back or on the front but be careful, not too plunging all the same.

Get to know each other well

Do you know exactly your morphology? Your morphological particularities? Or your strengths? Or your complexes? And therefore, what does or does not make you stand out?

This is a fundamental step to be able to draw up a wardrobe in your image and that, at any age!! However, at the age of 30, 40, 50, we have to take stock of our lives and question everything. Regarding the style, often we want to convey an image more in line with what we really are, like a readjustment.

First step: know your morphology

To find out if you are 8, V, H or even 0, we suggest you take a look at this article.

Second step: know the colors that suit you
You love green but you don't know if it really suits you or you simply have no idea what colorimetry is? Here are the answers.
Third step: Find your style
In general we all have a main style and other secondary styles. The goal here is therefore to find out which are yours.
A wardrobe of basics above all!

It's never too late to acquire good basics. That is to say those that will allow you a whole bunch of possible mixes and therefore different looks. THEY ARE ESSENTIAL!!!

To find out how to sort, order and finally obtain a dressing room of only essential/basic pieces (minimalist dressing room), click on this link , everything is detailed there!

Pay attention to the quality! In our twenties, we prefer quantity to the detriment of quality. However it is time to convert to a new adage (if it is not yet done) “QUALITY and not quantity”. Indeed, to be chic and classy in all circumstances, it is essential to buy basics in noble and natural materials, such as cotton, silk, cotton poplin, wool, cashmere, jeans with not too much detail. elastane, linen...

And yes, the pieces made of natural materials are certainly more expensive to buy but last longer, (unlike the others) ideal when you want to keep your basics as long as possible.

Some idea looks after 40 years:
BONUS: Parts to especially avoid.
  • The mini shorts
  • crop tops
  • Jogging too “sporty”
  • Dresses that are too tight
  • Dresses/skirts that are too short
  • Peter pan collar
However, be careful with the prints you choose, at the risk that they make you, as we commonly say, “take ten years in the gums”.

So understand fashion is an eternal restart, nothing is fixed and above all, everything adapts! So it's up to you to assume your choices, your style, your tastes… because don't forget, showing your age is above all a question of self-acceptance.

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  • Bonjour à tous ! Merci pour ces conseils ! Je recommande vivement la marque louizon qui propose de super choses !


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