Some gift ideas for the women in our life!

Quelques idées cadeaux pour les femmes de notre vie !

When the holiday season arrives, it is often a source of stress! There are many anxious people who cannot make up their minds about buying a gift and end up buying out of spite.

We have concocted a list of gifts for your ladies, according to several budgets. So no need to ask too many questions!

Gifts under €50

You have a limited budget, we understand that here is a list of what we offer:

Gifts under €150

You want to mark the occasion during these holidays, we have what you need! Find some gift ideas below.
This pair of No Name 119€
This pair of Birkenstock 150€

Gifts over 150€

  • Our Not Shy knitwear up to €359
This one is 189€
This one is 260€
This one is 239€
  • Our Van Palma hats up to 310€

And if despite this selection you can't make up your mind, know that there are also gift vouchers . Valid for 6 months, on the eshop or in store , usable in several times.

If you need help, we are here to accompany you and inform you in this quest for the ideal gift!

Contact us by email , phone or on our social networks .

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