What is my morphology?

Quelle est ma morphologie ?

Oval, hourglass, pear... there are a multitude of morphologies but how do you know which is ours?! Discover the answer below thanks to our explanations.

Before you even begin, stand in front of a mirror in your underwear or tight-fitting clothes. Then we focus on his shoulders, hips and waist.

The woman 8

Also called hourglass, this is the so-called “harmonious” morphology. Indeed the volumes are balanced and voluptuous. How to recognize it?! The hips and shoulders are aligned. The size is well marked.

An ideal outfit: will emphasize the marked waist and subtly highlight the chest as well as the hips. For the shoes it will be as you wish, either these Liu Jo pumpshttps://www.lucieshoes.fr/produit/escarpins-vickie-liu-jo-nude/ for elegance in comfort or these sneakers https: //www.lucieshoes.fr/produit/baskets-meline-blanc-2/ total white for a Romantic Street style!

Ps: Your advantage you can wear everything!

The woman X

Very similar to the hourglass morphology, this one is distinguished by a slim, even skinny appearance with a small chest, a slim waist and shoulders in the same alignment as the hips.

An ideal outfit:

These high-waisted pants to emphasize the slender waist, a thin colored belt to accessorize! At the top, opt for a tucked-in blouse!

Woman A.

Commonly called “Pear” or “Pyramid”, Woman A has a build that is narrower than her hips. With, sometimes, the marked size. It is a very feminine morphology because it symbolizes fertility. The goal is to build your upper body!

The ideal outfit: Opt for straight or bootcut pants like this one
Acquaverde or on flowing, high-waisted skirts like this one from “La Petite Étoile”. For the top, choose one with information (prints, frills, color block...) this version will be perfect! Accessorize the look with Schmoove heeled sandals to elevate your silhouette.

The V-woman

A sports build par excellence, this one is differentiated by shoulders that are wider than the hips. Here the focus should be on the lower body, to rebalance your figure.

The ideal outfit: These pants that fill out the hips and catch the eye with their color. For the top we choose this blouse to emphasize your bust without thickening it. In shoes will do the trick.

In this morphology, the woman has shoulders and hips in the same alignment and a slightly marked waist. The goal here is to create the illusion of a marked waist.

The ideal outfit: This Hana jacket

The woman O

Also called oval morphology, it is characterized by the alignment of the shoulders and hips, the size is not very marked. Very similar to the H morphology, it is however rounder, more luscious. It is therefore imperative to avoid marking the waist and thickening the silhouette, so we adopt

The ideal outfit: This perfect one to highlight your assets!

You don't like your legs so take straight pants and a flowing straight or slightly flared shirt.

Please keep in mind that all body types are beautiful and feminine, you just need to know your strengths and highlight them as needed.

So what's yours?! Shop at

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